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  Arome de l amour

  Je meuble le matin par un gout feminin

  Un rcit



        Ialekt der Cafs

        Sie nennen es Sorge

        Die Rä tsel  der Distanzen


        El Sueño

        Un saber despus de el sabor a chocolate

        quinas de una peregrinación

        Se llama  Preocupación

        Otra Imagen


        Primer Deseo

        Un hombre y una mujer


Jamal Jalasi

Tonesian poet, who





Tonesian poet, who




Lasaad Ben Husain

Tonesian writer, who



Ali Al-Shalah

Iraqi poet, who founded in Zurich the cultural-centre Gallery of the earth to promote cultural exchange between Arabian and Western world; Zurich, Switzerland.



Rafael Patiño

Born in Medellin, Colombia, march 13 1947. Poet, painter, translator, bioenergetics. Contributor to outstanding national and international magazines and journals. He has translated poetry from many places of the world.


Abdulhadi Sadoun

Born in Baghdad in 1968 and has been living in Madrid since 1993. Since 1997 he has been co-editor of the literary publications of Alwah, the only literary journal in Spain that publishes in Arabic and specializes in diasporic literature.


Dr.Muhsin Al-Ramli

(born 1967) is an expatriate Iraqi writer living in Madrid, Spain, where he is edits Alwah, a journal of Arabic literature and thought which he co-founded. He is also a translator, having produced the first complete translation of Don Quixote from Spanish to Arabic.


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